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Our emphasis is on providing boarded training in a home-like environment, ensuring a seamless transition for the dogs in our care. We limit the number of boarded training dogs to a maximum of two at a time, with each family allocated a dedicated bedroom equipped with a nanny cam and a spacious kennel for bedtime. Due to the open nature of our facility, we exercise careful discernment in selecting clients to work with. We refrain from accepting dogs displaying aggression, separation anxiety, or any behaviors that could potentially jeopardize their well-being in an open environment away from their familiar home surroundings. If you believe that our facility aligns with your needs, please feel free to reach out to us via email.

Positive-based dog training is reward-Based Training: Using treats, toys, or praise as rewards when the dog exhibits desired behaviors.

  1. Consistency and Patience:

    • Handler Education: Educating dog owners on the importance of consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement in training.

    • Problem-Solving: Providing guidance on how to address challenges that may arise during training.

  2. Personalized Programs:

    • Tailored Approaches: Recognizing that each dog is unique and may respond differently to training methods.

    • Individualized Attention: Ensuring that each dog receives the attention and training suited to its specific needs and temperament.

  3. Communication:

    • Building a Bond: Focusing on positive interactions to strengthen the bond between the dog and the owner/trainer.

    • Clear Communication: Teaching owners effective ways to communicate with their dogs to enhance understanding.

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It's important to note that successful dog training programs often involve collaboration between professional trainers and dog owners. Positive-based training tends to create a positive and enjoyable learning experience for the dog, fostering a strong and trusting relationship between the dog and its owner.

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