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Jacey Hurst

Owner and Head Stylist

Jacey Hurst's journey into the world of animal care and grooming began with an unwavering passion that has guided her since childhood. As a lifelong vegetarian, dedicated companion to dogs, and self-proclaimed artist as a child, she naturally gravitated towards the grooming industry at the age of 18. It was the perfect blend her love for animals with her artistic talents.
Jacey Hurst has achieved remarkable success in the competitive grooming circuit, boasting numerous accolades that adorn her walls as a testament to her dedication and skill. She has excelled in a wide range of competitions, from traditional breed standard events to cutting-edge creative grooming showcases, demonstrating her versatility and innovative flair. In addition to her personal achievements, Jacey generously shares her expertise by teaching Asian fusion and creative grooming to fellow professionals, personally certifies her academy students and has even made appearances on television, further solidifying her reputation as a leader in the industry.
In addition to her own pursuits, Jacey generously shares her knowledge and expertise with fellow groomers, offering guidance in Asian fusion and creative color grooming. Her dedication to education extends even further, as she has made appearances on television to share her insights with a wider audience.
With a diverse background that includes showing and breeding her Champion Bedlington terriers and expertise in various show styles such as Poodles, Bichons, and hand stripping techniques.
Jacey's passion for color and creativity shines through in her work as a creative groomer, where she delights in transforming canine companions into whimsical creatures like red pandas or zebras, or simply adding playful touches like pink ears and tails.
For pet owners seeking a groomer who combines professionalism with a genuine love for animals and an artistic touch. Jacey Hurst offers a unique and exceptional experience.

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